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About Me

Hello my name is Carole and I am the owner and jewelry designer for
Personal Creations for Practical People LLC.
All my creations are made in my home studio. When you choose to purchase my creations, you can be sure it is one of a kind.
I create jewelry that is practical, beautiful, unique and affordable. I keep my prices low not because they are low quality, but so that EVERYONE can enjoy them.
My designs are considered organic because they are handcrafted and are not mass produced. I invest my time and efforts in every piece. I can make duplicates or similar designs for wedding parties, family reunions or organizations, if desired. I will customize any piece for the perfect fit.
I also repair and rejuvenate other fashion jewelry. Need your pearls restrung, clasps replaced, chains rejoined, cleanings and polishing? I can do that! 
Feel free to contact me for questions or custom orders. Custom orders must be prepaid in advance.
Thanks for visiting and thank you for shopping with a small business where customer care is key!